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Our Group is driven by a core purpose to develop, produce and distribute better energy that brings progress and respects the environment. Wherever we are in the world, this is the common vision behind all our projects and objectives. It is a great collective endeavour full of challenges that the men and women of Total conquer day in and day out through an enterprising spirit, excellence and ingenuity. Our commitment is to build a responsible energy future. Join our cause!

A motivating workplace for your fulfilment

Our projects happen in fascinating places where the first priority is tackling the technological, economic, geopolitical and environmental issues of our time. At Total, you'll have an opportunity to realise your full potential with a guarantee that we can guide your career development under the best conditions through a competitive pay policy, ongoing training policy and – like only a large integrated group with operations in 130 countries can offer – a complete range of options for promotions and geographic mobility.

An employer that is there for you

We believe our employees are a priceless energy source. We strive to be a model employer by listening to their individual needs and acting responsibly. All over the world, we put the highest standards into practice for safety, ethics, management and social performance. We are also deeply committed to equal opportunity and diversity. Our goal is to make Total a wellspring of development for everyone.

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Information on fraud risks  

Any staffing agencies or individuals that may contact you asking for money and using our name do not work for Total. They are committing fraud [...]