17/07/2015 - Press release

New Managing Director appointed for Total E&P Australia

Perth - Total E&P Australia will soon welcome a new Managing Director, with Norwegian national Petter Undem due to take up the role in late August.

Mr Undem will replace David Mendelson who is returning to Total’s headquarters in Paris to become Total E&P’s global Vice President, New Ventures.

Mr Mendelson said: “I’ve greatly enjoyed my time as head of Total E&P Australia and being part of such a vibrant industry. I have no doubt that with Petter at the helm, the future of Total E&P Australia is in very good hands and that Total will continue to grow and develop in Australia.”

Mr Undem will join Total E&P Australia from his most recent role as Business Development Director for Total in Argentina. He brings a wealth of broad industry experience having worked for Total for 28 years in Norway, the UK, France, United Arab Emirates and Argentina.

Mr Undem said: “It is an honour for me to replace David and continue his leadership. Our interests in Australia are a major part of Total’s global portfolio, with two developments that will be key contributors to Total’s global production growth – the Santos-operated Gladstone LNG project and the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG project.”

“With both of these projects making good progress in construction, I look forward to working with our industry partners and stakeholders to bring the Ichthys and Gladstone LNG projects to fruition, as well as oversee Total E&P’s exploration interests and pursuit of new opportunities.”

Mr Undem will be based in Total E&P Australia’s headquarters in Perth. His full biography can be found below.

Biography - Petter Undem

Petter Undem, a Norwegian citizen born in 1962, has a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim, Norway, which he obtained in 1986, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in General Administration and Finance from the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, USA which he obtained in 2002.  

He joined Total in Norway in 1987. Since then, he has held engineering and management positions in Total companies in Norway, UK, France (Total headquarters), United Arab Emirates and Argentina. Over the last 10 years he has been involved in business development projects related to exploration and production of gas, oil, oil sands and LNG in Nigeria, Canada, Iran, Oman, Bolivia, Peru, UK and Argentina.

He was Business Development Director of Total E&P UK from 2009 to 2011 before joining Total in Argentina for the third time (1994–98, 2007–09 and from 2011).

In his most recent role as Business Development Director of Total in Argentina he was in charge of the technical studies of new development projects until sanction; the corporate planning, the strategy and long term planning; economic studies; joint venture partners and government relationships; commercial sale of crude oil and LPG; and commercial gas strategy.