Energy is essential to the economic development of a country and a vital resource for developing populations. To meet these needs, we are engaged in every stage of a complex chain to transport and distribute affordable, reliable and clean energy from the most remote oil and gas production areas to our customers.

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    Our network consists of more than 16,000 service stations worldwide to better meet the needs of our customers, particularly in terms of energy. TOTAL service station in Onigbagbo, Nigeria.

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    Our Trading & Shipping teams buy, sell and transport hydrocarbons with the highest standards of safety. Image: the Montesperanza tanker chartered by Total, off the coast of Le Havre (France).

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At Total, more than 2,000 experienced traders work in the oil and gas markets. Their main goal is to meet the Group’s needs by enhancing its production, supplying its units under the best market conditions and importing/exporting products in order to adjust supply to local demand. This work is essential to maintain energy supplies and relies on the close relationships that we build with a vast network of suppliers and customers (oil companies, refineries, traders, distributors, power stations, etc.).

We chartered more than 3,000 ships in 2016 to transport oil and gas from production areas to large consumer areas. These operations are carried out under the most stringent safety conditions and with vetting criteria that go beyond the international regulations in force.

To get even closer to our customers, we are constantly expanding our network of service stations. We currently have 16,000 stations spread throughout 66 countries. Our goal: to make our service stations veritable “one-stop-shops” by offering a host of services in addition to providing energy, such as services linked to mobility, food service, shops and community services.

Apart from our service stations, our distribution expertise enables us to meet different energy needs. We offer a wide variety of solutions to both private individuals and companies for on-site or mobile use, with a varied selection of not only fuel oil, gas, electricity and petrol, but also petrochemical products such as lubricants, additives, special fluids and bitumen.


Our goal is to become the responsible energy major. To accomplish this, we constantly strive to limit our environmental impact.

For example, we have launched a solar programme to equip 5,000 of our service stations throughout the world with solar panels within the next 5 years. This project will involve installing solar capacity of approximately 200 MW of power and represents an investment of close to $300 million. It will enable us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 100,000 tonnes per year.

We also aim to reduce the energy consumption and environmental footprint of our products so that our customers can use less more effectively. We are constantly innovating in order to offer numerous eco-efficient solutions to our customers:

  • Our Total Ecosolutions range of products includes Excellium fuels (available in over 30 countries), Fuel Economy lubricants, which reduce vehicle energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and SunPower solar panels, which are among the most efficient in the world;
  • In France and Belgium, our subsidiary Lampiris markets natural gas and green electricity generated from 100% renewable sources (hydro, wind and solar);
  • In Africa, Asia and South America, we market Total solar solutions, a complete line of solar lamps and kits that provide light in homes without direct access to electricity;
  • We are also developing consulting services for our professional clients that address energy efficiency, particularly through our subsidiaries Tegaz and BHC Energy.