Our efforts towards more responsible mobility

At Total, we are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our activities daily. This is accomplished through our continuous effort to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities. We continuously strive to offer innovative solutions that encourage responsible transportation for both our private and professional customers.

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    Thanks to our Total Quartz lubricants, our customers can reduce their vehicles’ fuel consumption.

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    In the Bosgouet Sud service station in France, we offer LPG in addition to conventional fuels.

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    We make hydrogen available to our customers in our multi-energy service station in Munich, Germany.

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Offering eco-efficient products in service stations

Motorists have access to a wide range of eco-efficient products when they stop to fill up at any one of the 16,000 Total network service stations throughout the world. In fact, our Total Excellium diesel fuel and petrol (bearing the Total Ecosolutions label) help reduce CO2 emissions (up to 4.2%). We always aim to provide access to renewable, low-carbon energies at our service stations. In India, we are the first private LPG distributor to be certified by the government. As for hydrogen distribution in Germany, we are participating in the development of clean energies as part of the CEP (Clean Energy Partnership) consortium.

Our commitment toward responsible energy has led us to consider other ways to improve the energy efficiency of vehicles. In the lubricants sector, our Total Quartz line for light vehicles reduces fuel consumption and thus contributes to reducing their environmental footprint (up to a 2.2% reduction in CO2 emissions). Our energy efficiency expertise also benefits heavy vehicles used for road transport, agriculture and public works via our Fuel Economy range of lubricants. Our Activa Ineo ECS oil, part of this range, helps reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 150,000 metric tonnes each year.

Promoting responsible transportation on both land and sea

Our expertise is thoroughly focused on transportation. This extends into the road construction sector, where we are the leading European producer and supplier of bitumen, thus contributing to the development of the safest, most durable and resistant road networks. Our Azalt Eco2 line of bitumens, which bear the Total Ecosolutions label, lower the products’ manufacturing temperature by 40°C, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our solutions for responsible transportation and energy efficiency are applied in a wide variety of ways both on land and sea.

We supply maritime transport professionals with diesel and other fuels, whilst adhering to the strictest environmental standards; in addition, our fuels’ sulphur content strictly complies with the International Maritime Organisation's standards (MARPOL convention).

At the beginning of 2017, we went a step further by signing a memorandum of understanding with CMA CGM, the world’s third largest maritime transport group. This will allow us to anticipate regulations and supply a range of multiple energy solutions combining fuel oils and liquefied natural gas (LNG). This partnership also aims to continue efforts to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint by designing increasingly environmentally friendly solutions for container ships. We have also signed a memorandum of understanding with Pavilion Gas relative to LNG as a marine fuel. This will enable us to supply LNG to our maritime customers in the port of Singapore. In addition, we have partnered with the French maritime company Brittany Ferries to supply it with LNG starting in 2019.

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