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Created nearly 25 years ago, the Total Foundation is dedicated to helping young people become self-sufficient, by providing them with the means to find training and employment. The foundation also supports its partners so together they can build a more harmonious society. In 2015, this mission represented more than 300 projects in 58 countries that have benefited more than 1.3 million people.

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    A primary school class explores artistic expression in a legendary space: The Paris Opera House. "Ten Months of School and Opera" programme.

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    Health - BIRDY.
    Better nursing care for mothers and children. BIRDY project, Senegal.

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    Marine Biodiversity.
    Robotic penguins record the songs penguins use to communicate. Antarctica.

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    With the help of Laurent and the Isanaba organization, the children of Sanaba village (Burkina Faso) received equipment for their education centre.

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    Science - Cyclops.
    The “Cyclops and the world of oceans” exhibition. Discover the ocean's biodiversity.

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Committed to Supporting Young People

The Total Foundation's work is dedicated to the fields of solidarity, culture and heritage, health, and marine biodiversity. Efforts are deployed on several fronts, all drawing inspiration from the future of our youth. For example, Acta Vista, which teaches heritage restoration trades to youth with limited access to employment. Maritime rescue personnel train 500 young lifeguards on the values of safety and teamwork every year. Concerts de poche, which brings the opportunity to experience classical music to rural areas. As well as the Pasteur Institute's "Birdy" project in Senegal, which brings together young researchers, doctors, and social stakeholders to better understand why babies have a resistance to antibiotics. And finally, the "Biolit Junior" programme, which teaches children to be coastline monitors and support researchers.

"For us, social harmony is vital. The Foundation's loyal partners help us protect it, by providing children and young people with programmes that invite them to grow, to get to know themselves better and to respect others. Learning to express themselves, to be receptive to different cultures, to respect their bodies, their environment, gives each and every one of them a better chance." Catherine Ferrant, Managing Director, Total Foundation

Closer to Others

The Total Foundation, like the Total Group, encourages sustainable partnerships, supports innovation, and fosters proximity, without excluding any of its traditional areas of focus.

"The objective of our association is to lead youth towards employment by focusing on careers in digital. Goodwill is the word I would use to best describe our relationship with the Total Foundation. A climate of goodwill that has allowed us to develop our strategy." Frédéric Bardeau,

The reason 86% of the initiatives with which we are associated are founded on long-term partnerships is because we believe that they need time. Time to explore, make mistakes, learn new approaches, understand, strengthen. We are therefore pleased to be an early supporter of the "La France s’engage" programme, which encourages the development of innovative projects dedicated to social cohesion. Alongside government authorities, our Group will have invested €60 million between 2009 and 2016 as part of an unprecedented public-private partnership.

Whilst one might expect a French company's charitable support to be primarily in France, as a global operator we have extended our support to the regions, cities, and even villages where our Group and its collaborators are present. Our projects are carried out in more than 60 countries, from Niger (the Pasteur Institute's work on infant health), to Myanmar (the Palais de Tokyo's “Emerging Talent in Emerging Economies” cultural project) or Indonesia (Lengguru, in support of biodiversity in West Papua).

Ambassadors Around the World

Since 2006, the Total Foundation has been able to broaden its scope through the efforts of the Group's collaborators. No matter where they are in the world, our foundation encourages and supports their community initiatives through the "You act, we help!" programme. Every year, around fifty new projects are identified and financed across the globe with the help of the personal involvement of the men and women at Total.

This is the case, for example, with Hervé, a Total employee and volunteer with the Enfance Partenariat Vietnam organisation, to whom we have provided the means to equip the isolated village of Ta-Phin with solar-powered lighting. This way, life and economic activity do not end when daylight does.

It is also the case with Christophe, a Total employee and volunteer with the Audition et solidarité organisation, whose project received support to provide 200 deaf and hearing-impaired children in Guinea with hearing aids.

To find out more, please visit the Total Foundation website.

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