Total and Elf lubricants, keeping one step ahead

Lubricant products marketed under the Total and Elf brands protect and optimise engines of all vehicle types in a wide variety of domains: from cars, motorcycles, transport, earthmoving, civil contracting, to mining and agriculture. As one of the world's leading lubricant producers, Total has a strong emphasis on innovation and provides substantial investment in lubricant research and development.

Total Oil Australia is currently working hand in hand with local Distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers to provide access and solutions to all their lubricant requirements.

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    Total and Elf lubricants protect and optimise engines of all vehicle types

Products designed to suit manufacturers’ requirements

Total is continually developing its range of lubricants to satisfy the requirements of the automotive sector. Our lubricants must not only meet international industry standards (API(1) and ILSAC(2) in the USA, ACEA(3) in Europe, JASO(4) in Japan) but also support, or even anticipate, technological developments. Tomorrows lubricants need to help vehicles travel as far as possible with minimal fuel consumption, whilst at the same time reducing emissions.

How do Total’s lubricants keep our customers one step ahead?

Above all Total Oil Australia strives to provide solutions to their customer’s key issues. In the passenger car, transport, and civil contracting sectors, one key objective is lowering consumption. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions and extend the lifetime of vehicles. To do this, Total work in partnership with vehicle manufacturers on fuel economy and durability products.

Total’s eco-friendly Fuel Economy lubricants improve engine performance and help lower fuel consumption

Fuel Economy lubricants improve engine performance and help to lower fuel consumption thanks to their composition and optimised viscosimetric profile. They also meet the criterion imposed by ACEA of a fuel reduction of at least 2.5% compared with a standard lubricant. Total is one of the only players in the market to have obtained certifications for its Fuel Economy lubricants by some of the major independent bodies (UTAC, Millbrook & TUV) confirming generated average fuel savings of one litre of fuel for every 100 Km or 3% (5). Due to the international success of Total’s Fuel Economy lubricants, these products are now being adopted by local Australian transport and bus companies and are currently being tested under the harsh conditions of the Australian environment. These tests are currently yielding positive results for Total customers.

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2 International Lubricant Standardisation and Approval Committee

3 Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles

4 Japanese Automobile Standards Organisation

5 Tests carried out on vehicles fitted with the Cummins ISX engine, Eaton gearbox and Dana differentials

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